HHS Summer School

Information Released

Attached are the details and registration form for Hastings High School Summer School opportunities.


Principal's Priorities Updated for SUMMER!!

Check out the link on the left.

Orders are only being acccepted at HHS. Yearbooks cost $70 and cash or check are accepted. Online ordering is no longer available.


Hastings High School does not allow visitors during our lunch hours in the cafeteria.  In addition, if you have information that you need to get to a student during the school day, please try to communicate that to the student through a phone call to the main office (948-4409).  We will communicate information to students as quickly as possible.


Also, if your student needs to leave during the day for a pre-planned appointment, please call the office as soon as possible, or send a note. Doing this will allow the office to give your student a pass to leave class, avoiding the necessity of calling into the classroom and interrupting the teacher's lesson.