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Hastings High School Class of 1963
Hastings high school  
All members of the Class of 1963 are welcome to meet for lunch the first Wednesday of each month at Seasonal Grille at 1:00. Hope to see you there!!! We do not meet if Hastings Area Schools are closed due to inclement weather.
Missing Classmates
We have been unable to locate the following classmates. If you are in contact with, or have the address of any of them please contact us.

Judy Bell
Patricia Lynne Brom-Woods
Barb Chambers
Kathy Elliot-Smith
Roger Gould
Carolyn Jean Miller
Deceased Classmates
We have the following classmates as being deceased. If you hear of any others please contact us so we can update.

Anna Hudson
Judy Kenyon Drake 6-23-2013
Jim Kinney July 6, 2014
Carmen Long  9-18-2016 
LeAnn Mallekoote
June Myers Bodden 3-11-2011
Bette O'Connor Thompson 1-2010
Dale Ossenheimer 12-5-1998
Lorraine Rowley Barnum 1-2009
Barb Sinclair
Kathy Smith Carter 5-2012
Mike Stamm 2-1983
Janice Swanson Curtiss 2-2012
Tex Timm 12-17-2016 
Mary Yoder 1997 
 June Albert Miller 1-14-2016
Bruce Barnum 11- 2005
Marilyn Bauchman
Bob Brown 11- 2011
Sharon Louise Brown 4-21-2013
Judy Chambers 2010
Phillip Clark 6-1977
Bill Count 10- 2005
Dave Eaton 7-8-2016
Carol Elliott Bell 9-1973
Susan Flora 4-8-2014
Ron Gerald
Bob Hammond
Joy Hare Thomas 3-17-2016
Pam Havens Sellwood
Leon Hewitt 12-2006
Dave Horseman
Reunion Committee Contacts
Please contact the Committee with any changes in your address or other relevant information concerning yourself or other Alumni members.