• Science Olympiad

    The Science Olympiad Team had a record performance at the state finals on Saturday. The team went up against the best 48 teams in the state and finished 8th over-all and 3rd in class B. We earned 12 medals in 6 events. All of these are school records for Hastings.
    Science Olympiad  

    Medalists were:
    Cell Biology:
    Preston Schwartz and Shelby Winans finished 4th.
    Chemistry Lab: Kevin Armstrong and Justin McComb finished 4th.
    Disease Detective:
    Corey Doxtader and Marie Hoffman finished 4th.
    Food Science: Shane Henry and Justin McComb finished 3rd.
    Write it Do it:
    Preston Schwartz and Marie Hoffman finished 4th.
    Our schools first state champions:
    Leanne Dinges and Shelby Winans took first place in the event Health Science. Leanne and Shelby faced and defeated over 280 different kids over 3 invitational meets, the regional meet, and Saturday's state finals with no losses.
    The state finals team:
    Kacy Anderson, Kevin Armstrong, Bryan Campbell, Leanne Dinges, Kate Dobbin, Corey Doxtader, Shane Henry, Marie Hoffman, John Kalmink, Justin McComb, Gary Pleyte, Preston Schwartz, Natalie VanDenack, Ryan Vogel, and Shelby Winans
    Thanks to your tutelage and support, the HEEF and YAC for their financial support, these really sharp kids could put us in league with the elite. They were only beaten by the number one prep/boarding school in the country, a few huge class A schools and a few private schools that use Olympiad as their curriculum.