Hastings Ski and Snowboard Club 2020-21

    Ski/Snowboard Club is a great way to learn a new sport at a discounted rate.  Even during virtual learning we will find a way to get students their ski club cards!  

    Click on the link at the end to find the forms for the ski club and read them through.  There are a few new things relating to COVID this year!

    Trips will begin once we are back to in-person learning but students can go to Bittersweet on their own and pay ski club rates if they purchase a card. We are hoping to start trips back up in February.  Look for information on a decision on trips the first week of February.

     To get your card, in the mail you can do the following:


    #1 - Download the forms, fill them out and mail them to Mrs. Laubaugh and she will mail you your card.  Email her at kristen.laubaugh@hassk12.org for her mailing address.

    #2 Download and fill out the forms and scan and email them to Mrs. Laubaugh (kristen.laubaugh@hassk12.org) .  Payment can then be made via PayPal or Venmo.

    #3 If you need copies, email Mrs. Laubaugh (kristen.laubaugh@hassk12.org) with your address and she will mail you copies.

    Ski Club is a great way to get outside and try something new - this is the perfect time to do that!

    Questions can be directed to Mrs. Laubaugh at kristen.laubaugh@hassk12.org