• Parent Tips

    1. Count! Count everything! Some things that you can have your child count are: spoons, toys, books, flowers, cars, calendar dates, etc.

    2. Read! Read! Read! Make time everyday to sit with your child and read a book or two together.  As soon as your child is able, have him/her read aloud to you as well.

    3. Play! Children learn a great deal when playing with others. 

    4. Look for things to do together as a family. Get everyone involved in choosing how to spend your time together. Have a family game night!

    5. Use car time to talk with your children. There is no TV to interfere. No one can get up and leave. And kids know they really have your ear.

    6. Give your child duties around the house to develop self-confidence and responsibility. Let them share in family conversations and activities.

    7. Establish a regular pattern for sleep. Attending school is physically exhausting for most children.

    8. In order to foster independence, please encourage your child to tie shoes, zip and button coats, and pack his/her own backpack.

    9. Practice clapping syllables in a word, rhyming words, identifying letters/sounds, reading sight words, and practicing spelling words.

    10. Limit TV and video games. Play outside together instead!