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Hastings High School Alumni Association

Hastings Alumni The Hastings High School Alumni Association was founded in 1877 to offer and promote the alumni of Hastings High School a venue to exchange and recall school and life experiences.

The Hastings High School Alumni Association is an ad hoc committee not officially associated with the Hastings Area Schools. The first meeting was held in 1877 after the first graduating class of seven members. After graduation, J. L. Cook, a member of the first graduating class, entertained the class for dinner at his home. The following year, the class members again gathered together for a second dinner and this was the start of the Alumni Association. The first documented Alumni Association meeting and banquet was referenced in minutes of 1884. It has met every year, except during World War II, when fuel was a problem and people were discouraged from traveling.

The Hastings High School Alumni Association has always been an apolitical, self perpetuating, voluntary organization. All alumni of Hastings High School are considered members of the Association.

The ongoing activities of the Alumni Association are served by its Board of Directors who are alumni of Hastings High School: The Annual Alumni Banquet, the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Aware, the Dana Burgess Scholarship Program, the Historical Document Preservation Project, and the alumni display cases at Hastings High School are all projects of the Association.
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