• HHS Science Olympiad

    41 students completed the season up to the Regional meet for the HS Science Olympiad team this year.  Our team competed in December at the Portage invitational meet, in January at the Haslett Invitational meet, and in February at both the West Ottawa invitational and the Regional 10 meet at WMU.  Our teams finished very well at each meet bringing medals and ribbons and trophies home as a team and as individuals preparing in 23 different events.  Our tradition of success was continued in the official State Science Olympiad Tournament with a 2nd place finish at the Region 10 meet.  We missed winning our 3rd Regional in a row by just 2 points!  Our place earned us a spot at the State finals meet on April 29th at MSU.  17 kids will travel to MSU to compete against the top 60 teams in the State of Michigan. 

    HEEF makes it possible!  The support we receive is instrumental in each students individual academic improvement and leads to an overall district improvement in scores and college readiness.

    Regional Team Photo         Haslett Team Photo         3rd Place Winner     

    Central Elementary First Grade Field Trip

    The Central Elementary First Graders were fortunate to have the Hastings Education Enrichment Foundation fund a field trip to Duncan Lake Middle School to see the musical Lyle the Crocodile. The Central Elementary First graders did a compare and contrast lesson using the famous children’s book Lyle Lyle Crocodile. The students were able to compare and contrast the book with the musical. We are very grateful to have such an amazing foundation in our community that provides our students with these wonderful educational opportunities. Thank you so much!

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    Hastings Middle School 6th Grade Field Trip

    Hastings Middle School 6th graders had the unique opportunity to learn hands-on at the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center.  The activities were set up for the group by Amy Cherry, Director of the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center.  All the activities were tied to the 6th grade Science curriculum/standards and were selected by Mrs. Carl, a 6th grade Science Teacher. 

    The activities that the students had a chance to take part in were Pond Explorations, Orienteering and Geocaching, and Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s). 

    The pond exploration involved obtaining a sample of pond water and learning what organisms are in that sample. In orienteering, students learned the parts of a compass and how to follow a bearing. The Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’S) had students in small groups. They were challenged to create a submersible vehicle that they tested for neutral buoyancy and then drove it in the lake.

    All the presenters were very knowledgeable, fun, creative, worked great with the students, and experts in their field of study.  The students, staff, and chaperones had a great experience learning about their science curriculum in a hands-on way like no other!! Funding for the trip was made possible by the HEEF foundation, HMS PTO, and fundraising done by the 6th graders.  Thank you so much for making this trip a success and a reality!


    Hastings Middle School FFA

    Congratulations to the Hastings Middle School FFA members that represented our community so well.  They competed against other schools from around our area in regional leadership contests.  The contests were held at Olivet High School with the hopes of being one of two teams to move on to State contests that are to be held at Michigan State University March 8-10th.

    In the conduct of meetings contest we had a team that performed admirably.  The conduct team, which received a gold rating and a 2nd place, include the members: Kaylee Evans, August Malik, Haily Christie, Gavin Patton, Grayson Patton, Kayla Willard, and Emma White.   This is our first conduct of meetings team to advance on to state level competition. Way to go!!!!   

    Josey Nickels was our Creed Speaker and did a great job.  She received a gold rating and 2nd place in her contest.  She also moves on to state competition and is our second creed speaker to advance from our chapter.

    Congratulations to all these students.  The whole community of Hastings is so proud of you and appreciates all your hard work!!!!  We wish you the best of luck at state competition and what a great day to be a saxon!!!!


    Hastings Middle School Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad combines teams of students who are given challenges to complete. Students are required to use teamwork to complete these Scientific based challenges. We had a wonderful team this year that really enjoyed the competitions at various venues.  Thanks to the Hastings Enrichment Foundation for helping us with busing cost to these competitions.