• Dear Hastings Area Families and Community Members,

    As a proud graduate of Hastings High, I have deep respect for Hastings Area School System, a district that nurtures lifelong learning. I feel honored to lead the district as we strive to provide a world class education for all students.  The Dynamic Plan, which was developed by dedicated citizens in recent years, continues to be our guide.

    Our students’ achievement is at the core of our commitment, and we have a proven record of success in all aspects of the curriculum. During the 2014-2015 school year, we had students singing in Carnegie Hall and others marching in the Saxon band at Disneyworld. Students represented our district with award -winning work in science, business, art, agriculture and athletics.  Through Capturing Kids Hearts, our middle school leadership class set high expectations for citizenship, academic work and behavior. This leadership class is now expanded and part of our high school curriculum. Our music and art programs both grew for 2015-2016, as well as adding a Culinary Arts class at the High School.

    The Hastings Area Schools community is over-the-top supportive, committed to excellence, and proud of its Saxon students. We are extremely thankful for the tremendous donations of time, talent and resources that support our students and help us carry out our vision of “Personalizing education so that students are inspired to achieve and empowered to succeed.”  

    Along with our vision, we promise:  “Saxon Pride!  Our commitment to excellence!  We don’t wish for it.  We work for it!”  It’s a great year to be a Saxon!



    Carrie Duits  

    Carrie P. Duits, Ph.D.