• Pesticide Notification

    The Hastings Area Schools has a pest management program in the district. As a result, pesticides are occasionally applied in district buildings or on district grounds. Some things you should know about the Hastings Area Schools’ program are: 1) Pesticides are used only as necessary in our buildings to reduce and control the occurrence of insects in the schools and to ensure that buildings meet health code standards. 2) Only State of Michigan licensed pesticide applicators are used. 3) Pesticides are used only in those areas of the buildings in which infestations are likely to occur, such as, food service areas. Pesticides are NOT routinely used throughout the buildings. 4) The district has informed our licensed pesticide applicator that pesticides may NEVER be used in or near district facilities during normal school hours. Regular pesticide applications are normally scheduled once a month and after school has been dismissed, or during other non-school days or hours. According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture rules, rooms sprayed with pesticides must remain unoccupied for at least four hours after application. 5) If due to an emergency situation, a pesticide must be sprayed in or about your child’s school day, you may request to be notified after the spraying has occurred. Remember, such spraying will only take place after school hours or on a day when school is not in session.


    If you wish to be notified of such situations, please completed the following form and mail it to: Dr. Carrie Duits, Superintendent, Hastings Area School System, 232 West Grand, Hastings, MI 49058.




    Parent/Guardian/Staff Member Name:_______________________________________________________

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    I wish to be notified of any emergency spraying of pesticide in the building of the above school. I understand that emergency spraying will only take place after school hours or on a day when school is not in session.

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