• Asbestos Management Plan

    All Hastings Area School System buildings are involved in an Asbestos Management Plan that calls for periodic surveillance of asbestos found in each building. Twice a year an inspection of each building is made to determine if any change in the condition of asbestos has taken place or if any action is needed to maintain a safe environment. Each school building has a specific plan for monitoring asbestos, and the plan is located in each school office. A complete School System plan, for the monitoring of asbestos, is on file at the Administration Office and the asbestos manager’s office, which is located at Hastings Middle School. Any operations and maintenance activity needed for asbestos situations will be performed by trained school personnel when school is not in session. When new or replacement construction is necessary, a non-asbestos material will be used. Any major asbestos removal project will be done by a professionally licensed, and Environmental Protection Agency approved contractor. Any response action to asbestos that is planned or completed in the schools, other than the routine operations and maintenance program, will be reported annually to the public.