• Sexual Harassment Policy

    Sexual harassment of students, employees, or volunteers by other students, employees, or volunteers of the Hastings Area School System is unlawful under both Michigan and federal law and is contrary to the commitment of the School System to provide a stable learning and work environment. The Hastings Area Schools will not tolerate any sexual harassment of students, employees, or volunteers.

    Sexual harassment includes making unwelcomed sexual advances, engaging in improper physical contact, making inappropriate sexual comments, or otherwise creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning or work environment. All students, employees, and volunteers are expected to conduct themselves with respect for the dignity of others. If a student has concerns about the nature of any conduct or physical contact by an adult or volunteer in the School System, by a fellow student, or by a member of the public, the student immediately should report this concern to the principal of his/her school.

    All such reports will be investigated immediately by the School System, and all such reports will be handled discreetly to maintain confidentiality in order to avoid embarrassment and to protect the student making the report. However, it should be understood that the School System is required by law to report child abuse to the Family Independence Agency.

    Copies of the School System’s policy and complaint procedure on sexual harassment are available in all school offices and at the Superintendent’s Office, 232 West Grand, Hastings, Michigan.