• Principal’s Priorities

    Mrs. Teresa Heide, Principal, Hastings High School

    December 2015

       We have come to another holiday season. Thanksgiving has passed, and there is a scent of evergreens and potpourri in the air. 2015 is coming to a close. The staff and students of HHS want to wish everyone a safe and prosperous holiday and sincerely hope for great things in the coming New Year.

       The many traditions of the season are alive and well. The classes are collecting canned goods through our Student Council Tree decorating activity. Trees are in the CERC, and we welcome any donations that will be shared with those in need in our community. One of the great lessons learned in school is the one that helps us help others. In my tenure at Hastings I have found our community to be most generous and kind. There is no shortage of people stepping up when someone else is down. Thank you all for your giving and sharing spirit.

       The High School offers opportunities to enjoy the talents of our students during this time of year. The HHS Players and Mrs. Pohl will entertain us with “Pride and Prejudice” on December 3, 4, and 5 this week at Central on the stage. Our Music Department is putting on their traditional Collage Concert in the HS Gymnasium. There is a performance for our students on December 14th, first thing in the morning, and one for the community on Sunday, the 13th at 4 PM. The hard work and extra hours put in by staff and students make these activities well worth your time and offer a chance to truly get in the mood for the family time to come.

       This season also creates an opportunity for our students to band together and help those in need in ways other than food drives. Our Student council will be taking part in “Giving Tuesday”. They will spend time in service at a local nursing home from 10:45 AM-2:45 PM. It is truly better to give than to receive. There are many similar activities being done by clubs and other youth groups throughout our schools and community to the benefit of all. Please see our HS Calendar and announcements on the web for more on the many things happening at HHS.

       These few weeks before break are also a great time to remind your students to work hard to be sure their grades are up to the standards they demand for themselves. Getting caught up and having little to do over the holiday break makes the time with family and friends relaxing and even more valuable. I have always found that reading a book and discussing what’s going on in the world is even more relaxing when it is not tied to an assignment. Always consider the gift of reading as an option for your Holiday lists this season.

       Consistent with the spirit of giving, I want to share with you that Mr. Bob Carl has been given two grants to purchase and use an Interactive Projector that will give our Business students real-world experience with team approach in the business model. These Focus Grants are provided by the Barry, Branch and Calhoun ISDs. Bob has also received a grant to allow his students to design, create and maintain a 3 X 9 foot outdoor LED digital sign. This project will be a collaborative effort between our Engineering and Design students, Building and Trades students, Computer Technology students and Business, Marketing and Finance groups. Everyone has an opportunity to put their specific skills to the test and create a project that will have the quality that each group demands. We, the greater Hastings community, will see the fruit of their effort and skills. Congratulations Mr. Carl. Bob joins the list of staff in HHS that have applied for grants and received them to expand the curriculum and offer our students extended opportunities to become college and career ready.

       Finally, I want to wish you and yours a very happy holiday. This staff and student body work very hard to do their best each and every day. This season provides us with a couple of breaks that allow us to catch up on family, friends, fun and all the chores that take a back seat to our dedication to school and the essential education of your students. Let’s all do something special and have a great holiday. Again, thank you all for trusting us with the education of your children. Feel free to conatct us with any questions that you may have. From Ms. Acker, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Northrup, Mrs. Collins,  Mrs. Longstreet, Mrs. Ibarra, Mr. Goggins, Mr. Hoke and myself, Happy Holidays.


    Chris Macklin
    Principal, HHS