8th Grade History Textbook

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    8th Grade History

    Mr. Laubaugh

    Welcome to my classroom! This is my 25th year of teaching, and my 22nd here at Hastings Middle School. I am very excited for this upcoming school year!


    Be prepared for learning
    Be respectful of others
    Listen, follow directions, participate
    Give your best effort

    History Grading

    Class Work/Homework: 50% of the student’s grade
    You can expect your child to have an assignment every day, though many assignments will span 2 or 3 days. They usually have time in class to get that assignment under way. Many days they should be able to complete the work in class. Other days they might have 15 to 30 minutes worth of homework. If they use their class time effectively they should not have lengthy assignments at home. Some assignments are due the next day, others are due within the week. Due dates are always posted in class, and should be recorded in the agenda book. Students correct some of their homework themselves, which gives them immediate feedback. Some assignments are turned in and checked by the teacher.

    Quizzes & Tests: 50% of the student’s grade
    Your student will be taking frequent tests and quizzes. Retakes are available for students who score below their expectations. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to retake a quiz or a test.

    Organization & Notebook:  BONUS POINTS in the student’s grade
    Your student will be expected to maintain an organized History notebook. This notebook, as well as being prepared for class with materials, provides an opportunity to boost the homework portion of their quarterly grade. Notebook grades are taken at least twice a marking period.

    Late Work
    Students can turn in late work until the final retake date of that unit. Late work that is COMPLETE will receive at least a 50%.

    Online Grades
    To best monitor your child’s progress, please take advantage of the online grades. This tool allows you to see at a glance if your student is working up to his or her potential. (www.hassk12.org > For Parents > Parent Grade Viewer). Grades are posted in class by student ID number on a regular basis.

    Extra Credit

    Extra Credit is NOT provided. Students do have opportunities to improve their grade. Students need to complete daily work and retake low quizzes and tests to improve their grade. Some redo assignments for daily work does exist.

    Supplies for History

     3 ring binder (hard or soft-not too big)
     Pencils, pencils, and more pencils

    You could also DONATE to the class
     Anti-bacterial wipes
     Colored copy paper
     Colored pencils
    any of the required supplies that you may have extra