• There are 2 ways to give!
  • donor

    Hastings Area School System receives many donations from generous community members near and far. Our District Accountability Committee (DAC) recommended an easier process through our website. To achieve this, we’re using our strategic “Dynamic Plan” to identify the areas of need, such as Technology. We work toward excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics. We also have identified the different needs of our Students to better support their success in school. Currently, we have donation opportunities in these categories:
    • Technology
    • Students
    For information on specific giving opportunities please visit the District Donations page
    Our purpose is to supplement the Hastings Area School System with enrichment opportunities not available through existing funding.

    The intent of HEEF is to support the margin of excellence, allowing our schools to take greater advantage of educational rescources and activities for our students. The focus is on activities that "supplement" and "enrich" the curriculum.