• Citizens Committee (CC)

    I. Purpose

    The Committee’s purpose is to serve as an oversight and communication committee for the Hastings Area School System.  The duties of the District Accountability Committee include:

    1. Provide leadership in the communication/input of district and school events, accomplishments, initiatives, assessment results, and improvement efforts.

    2. Provide leadership in the review and communication of curriculum, instruction, assessment, related to district and state standards and graduation requirements.

    3. Develop and participate in monitoring processes for the ongoing review of district and school improvement plans. 

    4. Review recommended assessments, curricular materials and spending priorities for input to the Superintendent.

    II. Meeting Dates

    • Oct. 9, 2018
    • Dec. 11, 2018
    • Feb. 12, 2019
    • Apr. 9, 2019

    II. Potential Meeting Topics

    • Dynamic Plan & Curriculum Update
    • Course Presentations / Approvals – Site Visit Discussion
    • District Improvement Plan
    • Facility / Annual Maintenance Update - Climate Survey
    • Evaluation Framework Update & Technology Report
    • State and Federal Programs / Budget / Staffing
    • MTSS Update / District Capacity Assessment Report