Hastings Area School System

A Commitment to Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics

  HR Forms
 AESOP Phone System Instructions for Employees
 AESOP Quickstart Guide for Employees
 AESOP Voice Recording Instructions
 403(b) Universal Availability Notice 2012
 with Vendor List
 403(b) Distribution Request Form
 Generic 403(b) Employee-Employer
 Contribution Agreement
 School Calendar 2015-16
 HASS Hard Card School Calendar 2014-15
 School Calendar 2014-15
 School Calendar 2013-14
 School Calendar 2012-13
 2014-16 Bus Driver Contract
 2014-16 HESPA Contract
 Hastings Education Association Master
 Agreement 2014-2016 Updated 1-19-2015
 General Information
 2015 Mileage Reimbursement Form
 2014-15 Staff Directory Sheet
 Credit Evaluation Form
 Homebound Teacher Form
 2014-15 Payroll Dates
 2014-15 Payroll Dates (Fiscal Year)
 2015 W-4 Federal Tax Withholding Form
 2015 W-4 Michigan Tax Withholding Form
 Authorization Agreement for Automatic (Direct)
 Backpack Meal Program Donation Form
 CERC Membership Information Sheet
 HEEF Donation Payroll Deduction Form
 Pennock Health & Wellness Center Payroll
 Deduction Form
 Professional Development
 Letter to Administrators Announcing the SCR
 SB-CEU Fees
 MDE Q and A Professional Learning, NewTeacher
 Induction and Mentoring, Cont. Ed for Administrators
 Navigating the New Teacher Certification Renewal
 SB-CEU Secure Central Registry SCR MDE Q and A
 PD Guidelines
 Beginning Teacher Annual Professional Development
 Record Form TE-2900-26
 Professional Development Categories for REP
 Professional Development Guidelines 2010-12
 Professional Development Hours Worksheet 2012-13
 SB-CEU Full Year PA25 School Improvement
 Team Guidelines
 SB-CEU Full Year School Committee Guidelines
 SB-CEU General Information and Application
 Teacher Mentoring
 Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program-Getting
 Started At A Glance
 Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program Planning
 Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program Standards
 Teacher Mentoring-Key Steps for Successful
 Mentor Programs
 Teacher Mentoring-Reflective PD Graphic
 Notification of Courses for Reimbursement
 Tuition Reimbursement Form
 Michigan Teacher Tenure Act-August 2011
 Unemployment Online Claim Filing Kit
 Unemployment Resource Guide Services for
 Workers' Compensation Forms
 Employee Report of Injury Form - SET-SEG
 Injury on the Job Procedures
 Slips, Trips, and Falls Safety Handout
 2015 Priority Health Summary of Benefits
 2015 Summary of Benefits and Coverage MESSA
 ABC Plan I
 2015 Summary of Benefits and Coverage HEA
 Teachers MESSA Choices II
 2015 Summary of Benefits and Coverage HESPA
 MESSA Choices II
 AFLAC Dependent Care - Unreimbursed Medical
 Claim Form
 AFLAC Direct Deposit Form
 AFLAC Participant Handbook 2010
 AFLAC Salary Redirection-Reduction Agreement
 AFLAC Sample SRA Agreement
 AFLAC Unreimbursed Medical Claim Form
 Delta Dental
 Delta Dental Declarations 7-1-2010
 Delta Dental PPO Plan Booklet
 Delta Dental Premier Michigan Dentist Directory
 July 2010
 Delta Dental Summary of Benefits HEA Pak A
 Delta Dental Summary of Benefits HEA Pak B
 Coverage Booklets
 MESSA Basic Life Plan Coverage Booklet
 MESSA Choice II $10 OV $25 UC $50 ER
 MESSA Choice II Medical Plan Highlights
 MESSA Choices II $100-200 In-Network Deductible
 Amendment with Adult Immunizations
 MESSA Choices II Adult Immunization Rider
 MESSA Choices II Best Value From Your Health
 MESSA Choices/Choices II Plan Coverage Booklet
 MESSA Negotiated Life Plan Coverage Booklet
 MESSA Negotiated Long Term Disability Plan
 Coverage Booklet
 MESSA Optional Life and Accident Insurance
 MESSA Optional Long Term Disability Plan
 Coverage Booklet
 MESSA Optional Short Term Disability Plan
 Coverage Booklet
 MESSA Preferred RX Program
 MESSA Saver RX At-A-Glance
 MESSA Beneficiary Designation Address Form
 MESSA Beneficiary Designation Form
 MESSA COBRA Application
 MESSA Medco By Mail Order Form
 MESSA Medco Health Questionnaire
 MESSA Medco Physician Prescription Fax Form
 MESSA Member Application Form
 MESSA Member Change Form
 Priority Health
 Priority Health Employee Waiver Form
 Priority Health Enrollment Form
 Priority Health Member Change Form
 Priority Health POS-A Member Handbook
 Priority Health Prenatal and Pregnancy Guidelines
 Priority Health Preventive Health Care Guidelines
 Priority Health Primary Care Provider Change Form
 UMR (HEA Med/Dental/Vision)
 Authorization Form for Release of PHI
 Huntington Representatives Contact Info
 Nurseline Poster
 UMR How to Read Your EOB
 UMR Member FAQ
 UMR Member Prescription Booklet
 UMR OnLine Services Overview
 UMR Other Insurance Instructions
 UMR Provider Lookup
 UMR Welcome Letter-Class 001
 VSP - Vision
 Vision Service Plan-How to File a Claim
 Vision Service Plan-VSP 2 Coverage Booklet
 Vision Service Plan-VSP 3 Coverage Booklet
 ORS After You Retire - What Every Pension
 Recipient Should Know 5-2014
 ORS Beneficiary Nomination Form
 ORS Election Form for New Hires After 9-4-2012
 ORS Leaving Public School Employment 1-2014
 ORS MPSERS Employee Handbook 1-2014
 ORS Name - Address Change Request Form





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