Northeastern Student Council 

     NESC -  Navigating North!
    Northeastern Student Council Representatives are elected by their peers.  Their roles for our school are abundant.
    • Student Council act as role models. 

    The council first creates a social contract defining how they will lead the Northeastern student body, how they will behave together, how they wish to treat each other, and what behaviors are acceptab'e.

    • Student Council conducts morning announcements.

    The council keeps their student body informed and challenged.  Each week they update their peers by announcing our weekly agenda. They offer a 'Super Word Challenge' in riddle form for their peers to answer at a designated station in our hallway. Prizes are awarded to both upper and lower elementary students.

    • Student Council cares about our community.

    The council leads their student body in an annual food drive.  Donations are forwarded to families in need, quite often our own Northeastern families. 

    • Student Council act as building ambassadors.

    The council represents Northeastern by greeting special guests and collaborating with the NE PTO for special events.

    • Student Council celebrates uniqueness.

    The council recognizes their student body has many talents outside of the classroom.  They have planned talent shows, and hosted art events in celebration of these many talents.

    • Student Council raises funds.

    The council collects returnable cans and bottles for the purpose of financially supporting educational assemblies.

    We are proud of our Northeastern Student Council!