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General Registration Information

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Hastings Area School System for your child! We are committed to providing a quality academic program that helps each learner reach their individual potential. We are excited to have your family as members of our exemplary school community!

If you have questions about our enrollment process, please contact us at: (269) 948-4400

Enrollment Procedures for District Residents


You may complete the registration forms on our website, or in person at the Hastings Area School Administration Office (232 W. Grand St., Hastings). 


In order to complete the enrollment process, the student’s parent/guardian must also provide these required documents:

1.    Proof of Residency in the Hastings Area School District 

Examples include the following:

      • Lease Agreement (including the page with landlord and tenant signatures)
      • Mortgage Statement (within last month)
      • City Assessor’s Tax Statement (current year)
      • Current Utility bill or Cable bill (within last month)
      • Notarized Affidavit of Residence if living in someone else’s home/apt (this person’s driver license and one proof  of their residence)

2.    Driver License (of parent or guardian)

3.    Child’s Certified Birth Certificate (must be an original copy)

4.    Immunization Records

5.    Vision Screening (required for kindergarten)

6.    Court documents, if applicable (i.e., guardianship, foster care, etc.)

7.    Most Recent Report Card (applies to 7 & 8th graders)

8.    High School Transcript (applies to 10th-12th grades only)


Please have the following information with you as well: 

  • Emergency Contact Names/Phone Numbers
  • Physicians Name/Phone Number
  • Previous School Name/Address, Phone and Fax Numbers
If the student does not reside in the District, a Schools of Choice application is required: