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Chase Youngs
Director of Transportation
Phone: (269) 948-4418

Christi Schantz
Transportation Secretary
Phone: (269) 948-4418
In Order to be better informed on the function of your school bus system, please take the time to read the rules below and review it with your children. Only through the cooperation of parents and students can we have the type of school bus control that will maintain a safe and efficient school bus system. Many of the policies and practices are necessitated by the fact that the buses travel 2000 miles, transport approximately 2200 students, and make close to 685 stops each day.

Rules and Regulations for Riders

• The bus driver is in charge - obey the driver at all times.
• Stay seated at all times except when the bus is loading and unloading.
• When seats are assigned, each student must ride in his/her assigned seat. Keep feet out of aisles, off of seat and back
of seats. Sit in a forward position.
• Windows are for ventilation and visibility only. Arms and head must never be extended, even partially, out a window.
• There is to be no shouting through windows or throwing items out of windows.
• Fighting-pushing-shoving or other rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.
• Help keep bus clean. Report any damage you observe to the driver. Students causing damage to the interior or exterior of the bus will have to pay for damages and will have bus privileges suspended.
• Musical instruments will have to be held by owner or put under the seat. Do not leave them in the aisle or at the front or rear emergency door.
• Respect other riders - do not bother them either by what you say or what you do.
• Expect to walk some distance to a bus stop as required by safety and State regulations.
• Stay off roadway while waiting for bus. Form a line to get on bus.
• Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to enter or leave the bus. Remain seated while the
bus is in motion. Enter or leave the bus only by the front door, except in case of emergency.
• DO NOT GO TO THE MAILBOX until the bus is out of the way and oncoming traffic can see you.
• Cross in front of the bus when crossing road or highway, not in back of bus.
• Drivers are to load and unload students at their designated stop only, unless different arrangements are made with the
transportation office. After bus is in motion, students will not be discharged until their designated stop.
• Be on time at designated bus stop. BUSES CANNOT WAIT FOR TARDY STUDENTS.
• Informing driver when absence from school is expected.
• Transportation will not be provided for non-school activities or to places of employ­ment.
• Students are not to bring to school or take home from school live animals of any size, shape, or species, including
• Students are not allowed to bring any container or objects made of glass on the bus.
• No weapons allowed.
• No sexual harassment, conduct, statements or contact allowed.

A more definitive list of rules and regulations is to be found in the Hastings Transportation Handbook and in the Policies of the Hastings Board of Education.