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~ Leave a Legacy

Friends of HPACSelect a permanent naming opportunity that will forever become a part of the Hastings Performing Arts Center.  Dedicate it to your family, or a special someone, or remember a loved one.
Please click on the link below for more information.
A plush theater chair designed for the HPAC.  A permanent plaque installed on the back of the chair will honor the donor(s).  Discounts for multiple chairs.
  • $75 - 1st Chair
  • $70 - 2nd Chair
  • $65 - 3rd Chair
  • $60 - 4th Chair
  • $55 - 5th Chair
  • $50 - 6th Chair & more
Blocks are located in the Lobby near the ticket booths.  Each block will have a permanent plate installed with the donor's message.
  • $200 - 7" x 7" Plate
  • $300 - 7" x 15" Plate
All chairs and block messages will able be listed on the HPAC website.  In addition, gifts of $1000 or more will be recognized on a permanent display in the lobby.
Seats Installed 2023-2024
Seat Donor Message
J1 Billingsley Dale Billingsley
Girrbach Funeral Home
J3 Billingsley Sandy Billingsley
Girrbach Funeral Home
G103 Carr, D & J Dave & Jo Carr
G104 Carr, D & J Dave & Jo Carr
K7 LaJoye, J & P Joe & Patti LaJoye
P105 Christensen, M Marion Ray
P106 Christensen, M Lee Christensen Merchan
P107 Christensen, M Jerry D Christensen
M2 McKinney, M Michael McKinney
N4 TNR Machine Jennifer Ostafin
N6 TNR Machine Raymond Ostafin
N8 TNR Machine Norm Watson
N10 TNR Machine Shirley Watson
N12 TNR Machine Thomas Watson
N14 TNR Machine Beth Watson
N16 TNR Machine Angela Watson
N18 TNR Machine Ronald Watson
N20 TNR Machine Sydney Anderson
N22 TNR Machine Colin Watson
P2 TNR Machine Kali Watson
P4 TNR Machine Kinnley Watson
P6 TNR Machine Landyn Watson
P8 TNR Machine Matt Watson
P10 TNR Machine Ryan Watson
P12 TNR Machine Delanie Watson
P14 TNR Machine Koty Watson
P16 TNR Machine Laci Watson
P18 TNR Machine Tim Watson
P20 TNR Machine Blaec Anderson
P22 TNR Machine Claudia Anderson
7x15 Blocks Installed 2023-2024
Hastings Manufacturing Company

Those who live in the shelter of
the Most High will find rest in 
the shadow of the Almighty. 
Psalm 91:1 NLT

THANKFUL for this wonderful place
that encourages seasoned and young
talent to FLOURISH

Melcher & Domke

If music be the food of love, play on!
--Shakespeare, Twelfth Night
Rich & Ayesha Franklin Family
Zach, Class of 2022
Zara, Class of 2023
7x7 Blocks Installed 2023-2024
  Screen Printing   
  & Embroidery   
   Hastings, MI   
Nashville, MI
In Memory of 
Sydney A. Anderson
Bright Start   
Dr. Amy Beck
Seats Installed 2022-2023
Seat Donor Message
G101 Friends Larry & Earlene Baum
G102 Friends Larry & Earlene Baum
D106 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
A1 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
B12 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
E114 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
F2 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
H5 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
A109 Hubert, A
In loving Memory of 
Rome & Peg Feldpausch
A110 Hubert, A Joe & Anne Hubert
C101 Steffes, P Tina Williams
F112 WFS Walker Fluke & Sheldon, PLC
K14 Budlong, J
Majestic Financial
Comprehensive Wealth Planning
K16 Budlong, J
Majestic Financial
Sean Budlong
K18 Budlong, J
Majestic Financial
Brandon Wilkins
K20 Budlong, J
Majestic Financial
Leon Bennett
P115 Fliearman, L
Paige Eagle
HHS Class of 2022
G114 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
K22 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
L1 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
M17 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
M104 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
N2 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
L3 Gilbert
In Loving Memory of Lynn Gilbert
1973 - 2017
L5 Gilbert
In Loving Memory of Billy Madden Jr.
1966 - 2013
L2 Killian, J In Loving Memory of
Grandma Ruth
P3 Worth Gordon & Carolyn Worth
P5 Worth Gordon & Carolyn Worth
7x15 Blocks Installed 2022-2023
The Hartoughs
Jan, Doug, Jon

Break a Leg! 
Bruce & Martha Edger

In Loving Memory of 
Al & Connie Signs

Stacey & Cindy Garrison

Wade and Gloria Nitz Family
Melissa, Marc, Michael 

Now all glory to God, who is able,
through his mighty power at work
within us, to accomplish infinitely more
that we might ask or think.
Ephesians 3:20 NLT

Bill and Audrey Renner
and Family

Ray and Joann Miller  
Hastings Class of 1950
In Memory of 
Lyle & Wilma Story 

Ryan, Brooke, & Grace 

Gordon & Carolyn Worth 
7x7 Blocks Installed 2022-2023
Lana (Signs) & 
Lance Fliearman 
Lana HHS  
Class of 1976
Miller Real Estate 
Local knowledge  
is priceless
Since 1940
In Loving Memory of 
Steven L. Reid
Seats Installed 2021-2022
Seat Donor Message
D7 Acker, D The Acker Family
F113 Acker, D The Acker Family
G20 Acker, D The Acker Family
A101 Bloom, S Scott and Darla Bloom
A102 Bloom, S Scott and Darla Bloom
H101 Colvin, B Floyd W. Colvin
H102 Colvin, B Catherine L. Colvin
E107 DeVault, T Max and Luke Richards
E108 DeVault, T Thomas and Jennifer DeVault
B111 Domenico, J The Domenico Family
D103 Domenico, J Matthew J. Domenico
D107 Domenico, J Katherine A. Domenico
F111 Domenico, J Matthew J. Domenico
G105 Domenico, J The Domenico Family
J10 Fluke, R
Katy Fluke
HHS 2009
J12 Fluke, R
Erin Fluke
HHS 2007
J14 Fluke, R
Jill Fluke
HHS 1981
J16 Fluke, R
Chris Fluke
HHS 1977
J18 Fluke, R
JoAnn Fluke
HHS 1953
H2 Haskin, S Gary Haskin
H4 Haskin, S Susan Haskin
H6 Haskin, S Misha Haskin
H8 Haskin, S Addelynn Nurenberg
J112 Hatfield, D. Dave and Deb Hatfield
A111 Herder, B
In Memory of James Pentecost
Thornapple Lake Trading Post
H1 Hoekstra, D
In Honor of
Stephanie Hoekstra
H3 Hoekstra, D
In Honor of
Janelle Hoekstra
C111 Humphreys, M
Brock Hammond
HHS Class of 2006
C112 Humphreys, M
Johnathon Vinton
HHS Class of 2006
E101 Oster, R Robert C. & Johanna W. Oster
E102 Oster, R
In Loving Memory of
Nancy A. Oster & Wilma Wieland Pavlich
F1 Parent, K Donald E. Ayer
F3 Parent, K Dorothy D. Ayer
D111 Purgiel, P Dr. Kevin Purgiel
D112 Purgiel, P Cynthia (Purgiel) Lawrence
D113 Purgiel, P Patrick Purgiel
F101 Sager, P
In Memory of
Ella C. Eggleston
F102 Sager, P
In Memory of
Eva A. Hecox
F103 Sager, P Pat (Hecox) Sager
J2 Schoessel, C Carl Schoessel
J4 Schoessel, C Sheryl Gorden
G2 Skedgell, M Bryan Skedgell
G4 Skedgell, M Adam Skedgell
G1 Solmes, D David Solmes
G3 Solmes, D Tracy Solmes
G5 Solmes, D Madeline Solmes
G7 Solmes, D Katelyn Solmes
G9 Solmes, D Johnathan Solmes
J101 Stevens, B
In Loving Memory of
Cheryl Ann White
D110 Storms, D Dave & Debbie Storms
H115 Szumowski, M
In Loving Memory of
Kyle Steward
D108 Toburen, J Barb Toburen
D109 Toburen, J Jim Toburen
K24 Acker, D The Acker Family
M15 Acker, D The Acker Family
P108 Acker, D The Acker Family
N101 Anton, M Mark Anton
N102 Anton, M Linnea Anton-Williams
N103 Anton, M Melina Williams
N104 Anton, M Matthew Anton
P101 Anton, M Michael Anton
P102 Anton, M Charlotte Anton
P103 Anton, M Julie Partidge
P104 Anton, M Philip Anton
Q1 Carl, C Carrie Carl
Q11 Carl, C Floyd Beneker
Q3 Carl, C Bob Carl
Q5 Carl, C Kaylie Carl
Q7 Carl, C Ben Carl
Q9 Carl, C Judy Beneker
K114 Case, C
Dedicated to
Larry J. Case
K115 Case, C
Dedicated to
Barbara J. Case
N114 Cruttenden,
Lou Ann & Colin
K113 Domenico, J The Domenico Family
K21 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
K23 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
L1 Garrison, S Stacey & Cindy Garrison
M101 Hunter, C
Dedicated to
Frostfire Studios LLC
M102 Hunter, C
In Honor of
Corbin A. Hunter
M103 Hunter, C
Dedicated to
The Hunter Family
K10 Johnson, B Hannah Johnson
K12 Johnson, B Micah Johnson
K2 Johnson, B Brad Johnson
K4 Johnson, B Carol Johnson
K6 Johnson, B Matthew Johnson
K8 Johnson, B Sam Johnson
L113 Leedy, M
Marcia Bassett Leedy
HHS Class of 1956
L114 Leedy, M
Deborah Ingram Snyder
HHS Class of 1976]
K1 Purchase, J
The Purchase Family
Wishing you a Standing Ovation
Q10 Storrs, D Jackson R. Storrs
Q12 Storrs, D William D. Storrs
Q14 Storrs, D Steven G. Storrs
Q16 Storrs, D Ashlee M. Storrs
Q18 Storrs, D Stella G. Storrs
Q2 Storrs, D Andrea M. Storrs
Q20 Storrs, D Sylvia P. Storrs
Q22 Storrs, D Fitzgerald G. Storrs
Q4 Storrs, D Dennis R. Storrs
Q6 Storrs, D Jeffery R. Storrs
Q8 Storrs, D Danielle M. Storrs
Q19 Svihl, D Carol Svihl
Q21 Svihl, D Dale Svihl
Q101 Szumowski, M
In Loving Memory of
Kyle Steward
Walker Fluke & Sheldon, PLC
K101 White, D
The White Family
Psalm 23
K102 White, D Daniel D. White
K103 White, D Cheryl A. White
K104 White, D Kristen M. White
K105 White, D Spencer A. White
K106 White, D Aaron D. White
K107 White, D Jonguen White
K108 White, D Caroline C. White
K109 White, D Albert D. White
K110 White, D
The White Family
Psalm 23
L101 White, D
The White Family
Psalm 23
L102 White, D JP Gaylord
L103 White, D Stephanie J. Gaylord
L104 White, D Abigail M. Gaylord
L105 White, D John S. Gaylord
L106 White, D Brian C. White
L107 White, D Lisa M. White
L108 White, D Claire E. White
L109 White, D Ian M. White
L110 White, D
The White Family
Psalm 23
M115 Woods, P
Patty, Colleen,
and Molly Woods
P1 Worth, C Gordon & Carolyn Worth
JJ111 Franklin, Z Richard Franklin
JJ112 Franklin, Z
Williamson Franklin
AA114 Schroeder, J
Joan Bosserd Schroeder
Craig Schroeder
7x15 Blocks Installed 2021-2022
Family of
Michael and Charlotte
Hastings Rotary Club
Service Above Self
DB Design
and the
Barnum Family
Darrell, Sara, Malia, & William
In Honor of
Corbin A. Hunter
and the
Hunter Family
Girrbach Funeral Home
Family Owned Funeral and
Cremation Services since 1966
Dedicated to
Frostfire Studios LLC
The Carl Family
Bob & Carrie
Kaylie    Ben
 2024    2027
Brad Johnson Family
"Life is a play that does not allow
testing. So, sing, cry, dance,
laugh, and live intensely, before
the curtain closes and the pieces
ends with no applause." -Charlie C.
The Floyd W. & Catherine L.
Colvin Family
The arts have the power to
bring people together!
May this building harness that
power and bring people together
for generations to come!
-The Killian Family-
The Cove Family
Joe & Patti LaJoye Family
Thankful for the HPAC and
50 years of making
music with the Hastings
Performing Arts Community
Doug and Margaret DeCamp
Advocating for and supporting
the Performing Arts
Lakewood Area Choral Society
founded 1986
Debra Decamp McGandy Vanderveen
Stacey & Cindy Garrison
James and Judy DeCamp
The Macqueen Family
Dave & Mary
Helen  Emily
2010  2012
Kenneth and Valerie DeCamp
Ronald and Ann Martin
HHS Class of 1975
Stacey 1997  Joseph 2000
Charles and Beverly DeCamp Osterink
You were an angel
In the shape of my mom.
When God took you back, he said
Halleluja, you’re home.
In loving memory of Betty J. Norris
Matthew and Katherine DeCamp
Blessed are the peacemakers, for the
shall be called children of God.
Matthew 5:9
Dr. Paul & Jennie DeWitt
and Family
There is always a reason
for you in that role - a reason
that perhaps you didn't see
for yourself at the time, but
soon will.
Gordon D Sheldon Family
Jeffrey, Katherine, and Matthew Domenico
Dewey's Auto Body, Inc.
Ronald and Mary Dawson

David and Tracy Solmes
Enriching Barry County
through cultural experiences
2021 Thornapple Arts Council of Barry County

The Storrs Family
The Haskin Family
Gary Haskin, Susan Haskin
Jason Haskin, Misha Haskin
Nicole Nurenberg, Terry Nurenberg
Addelynn Nurenberg
Steve and Mary Youngs
and Family
Ars Gratia Artis
7x7 Blocks Installed 2021-2022
Kevin and Nancy
Mary Elizabeth Park
Band Student
Yrs. 2015-2022
The Storms Family
Barb and Jim
Toburen and
family are
pleased to
support the Arts
in Hastings
Larry & Ellen Haywood
to the
Wind Band
Credit Union
Your community
Partner since 1964